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Book title : Unforeseen: A Battle for His Daughter's Life

Author : Chandan Sen Gupta

About the Book : When Yousuf, the young Pakistani teacher from Rasoolpur, sets off for India with his family for the life saving surgery of his ten-year- old daughter, little does he realise that his sojourn would soon turn into a nightmare from which there was no awakening. His unforeseen ordeal, which begins on the train from Lahore, continues as he is wrongly implicated in a murder at an Old-Delhi hotel. Convinced that the only way to prove his innocence is to expose the men behind the crime, he boards a train to Jammu. However, he is soon overtaken by the outlaws on whose trail he had set out. The out-of- breath Pakistani is pursued, both, by the police as well as murderous infiltrators. While he is on the run, Yousuf realises that much more than what meets the eye, is at stake.
"The question is - will he survive the ordeal and succeed in exposing those behind the conspiracy?"

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-The author has given us a gripping story with many unexpected twists. This thriller also deals with an important character of two neighboring countries who were once one. It is clear that the protagonist and the others are always connected by an invisible umbilical chord - the lives are so similar , yet a geographical line divides the two. Amongst this, the story is about a father who comes to India from Pakistan to get his daughter treated for a life threatening condition. But no, the hapless father and his family gets unwittingly drawn into a series of incidents each one more damning than the other. First a murder, then a bomb blast and finally a group of infiltrators who are out to destabilize Kashmir . The racy story is so gripping that one cannot put the book down till the finish- there is a twist at the most unexpected turn. A thriller to the end which also deals with the humane side of the people on both sides of the border. A must read.

Book title :  One Enduring Lesson

Genre :  Fiction ---- Published by : Rupa

Author :  Jamal Merchant

About the Book : Give me your money, or I will kill you!’
‘Please…’ I gasped. ‘I’ve come from England to study!’
‘Well, let this be your first lesson, English boy…’
Eager to start a new phase in life, Rahul Saxena, 27, a half-Indian British citizen, recently out of job and rejected in love, lands in Mumbai from London to study filmmaking. But little does he know that Mumbai, the city of dreams, will turn his life inside out. From the dark corners of the streets as a professional rat killer to the vermin-infested confines of a jail, from shady dance clubs to the homes of Mumbai’s rich women where he is paid to provide pleasure—fate takes him on a roller-coaster ride that challenges his very will and determination to survive. When his secret life threatens to destroy even the love that he finds, Rahul seeks recourse in spirituality. Inspired by India’s synergetic religious traditions, Rahul fights back internal and external demons to write his own destiny.
One Enduring Lesson is a tale of the undying human spirit of survival against all odds.

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- The storyline is captivating and with few pages in, will draw any reader's attention. It is not an ordinary romance fiction even though it might seem at points but the author has surprise for you. The way the plot forms without any exceptions is thought-provoking. The narrative voice is calm and constant. I am surprised to find myself enjoying the narrative voice.
The plot is in sync with theme of one's struggle in life, religious traditions and few norms of Indian society it touches. Even the portrayal of the protagonist's roller coaster ride after arriving and his determination to survive in India seems realistic enough for a reader to imagine. Many books in the same genre of romance fail to achieve the level of splendid and satisfactory story-telling as this one.
The characterisation is well developed and the growth of characters is observable as the plot moves forward. Even though the scope of the novel is 280 pages, the reader will enjoy it thoroughly as there is no flaw in that. The writing style is good and is exactly what I expect of Indian writers. Overall, the book is a page-turner and a reader will be able to finish this one in no time.
I will recommend you this book if you seek Indian flavour of writing and story-telling or are a part of romance fiction fandom
-Here's another chance for you to make a great film based in India Danny Boyle ……. -The book touches on almost all aspects of one's struggles with life and takes the reader on a roller coaster journey of the character from being a professional rat killer to a 9-5 begger, and providing pleasure to the city's rich woman for his survival. The narrative is highly engaging and characters are very well developed. Overall, a must-read for this year!.

Book title : The Assassinations

Genre : Fiction ---- Published by :Speaking Tiger

Author : Dr.Vikram Kapur

About the Book : Prem Kohli, the handsome, ambitious son of a Sikh refugee, has the world at his feet. A glittering career lies ahead, and he has just got engaged to his college girlfriend, Deepa, overcoming her parents’ reservations about Hindus and Sikhs intermarrying. But, while Deepa remains occupied with their marriage plans, the Indian Army enters the Golden Temple. Prem cannot contain his rising anger at the desecration of the shrine and at the people around him who shrug it off as ‘teaching a lesson’ to the Sikhs. He begins growing out his hair and beard, and visiting the gurudwara regularly, where he learns about the militancy in Punjab. Matters come to a head a few months later, when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated and anti-Sikh riots break out all over Delhi, as Prem is caught up in a vortex of violence and hate that threatens to engulf all of their lives. In The Assassinations, Vikram Kapur writes with sensitivity about a topic that still holds painful memories, skilfully telling the story of how ordinary lives are distorted by the forces of history. At the same time, he masterfully evokes the New Delhi of the 1980s, with its wide, leafy roads masking the precariousness of its Punjabi middle class. This memorable book captures the turbulence of those times, while chronicling the ways in which continuing to live means coming to terms with many kinds of deaths."
‘The Assassinations, even though it is a fictional account, deftly recreates one of the most tragic episodes in the history of the nation.’ – The Telegraph

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- The best part of the book is, the transformation of the characters. Prem has been living the normal life with the glittering career ahead, who only thinks about his family and happiness has now turned into a man who is raging for the avenge. Deepa from the easy going girl is now defenseless, not knowing how to deal with the Prem's abrupt behavior. Rakesh and Seema are dealing with their own trauma. Savitri is now doubting her decision, blaming herself for all the events that happened.
The author has focused on every single character in the book and treated them equally. The simple language with the fluid narration has helped in structuring the book with great ease. And I feel he does the justice to the reader by ending it the way it has been.
Overall, this book portrayed both Joy and Pain equally. It also gives an insight about the history. And I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. This 200 and odd page will surely Makes its own impact, satisfying the readers' time. I give it 4.3 out of 5 for this excellent book.
-I absolutely loved the strategic sectioning of the story. The characters were played well until their parts get over. If I write more I would be revealing important bits of the story. But I would like to discuss this book further with those who have read it. It a short book but each sentence makes you think. The story ends with third part where the author talks about the life of the future generation that is often reminded of the link they shared with those dark times.