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Creative Writing Workshop
Delhi Literature Festival each year
An afternoon of delight for readers and writers alike
Interactive book reading session by author "Khushwant Singh"
Interactive reading session by best selling author : Amit Shankar
Book reading and interactive session with renowned author Parul Sharma
Session by best selling author : Madhuri Banerjee 
Book reading by author : Amandeep Sandhu
Book reading by best selling author : Parul Mittal 
Discussion on book : The Reluctant fundamentalist
Discussion on the works of Khaleed Hosseini 
Professional workshop on writing by professionals 
Interactive reading session by author : Sid Bahri

Group Reviews

“ It's wonderful how DBL is providing a platform for emerging writers. Kudos Kunal, Leher & Meenakshi. It was my first session and I am addicted now!!! ”- SATYARTH NAYAK 

“ A lively group and we had an engrossing interchange of ideas. Special thanks to Leher and Kunal for organizing and to Deepali for the presentation ” - Ajay on Aug 3, 2013.

“ You have a nice membership and I was happy to see a mix across age groups. Sorry I couldn't make it on time and have a chat with all of you, but it was good to see you again. - Fatima Pais on Feb 2, 2013.

“ Awesome group of people-I really found that there is so much to learn from the group!! Kudos to all the organizers for this brilliant meetup! Look forward to being a part of future meetups! ”- Akshay Sharma on Dec 23, 2012.

“ I have recently joined the group, so it is to early to comment; but the sincerity of organisers and enthusiasm of group has impressed me. The group appears to be very good to start with. Hope to learn and gain from the group. ”

“ As I joined only recently, it's too soon to tell. But, I like that there is a community with people who have the same interests as me. I am looking forward to an enjoyable time in the future! 

“ I am so glad to join this group. I always love to meet like minded people around me. I hope this group is going to open a new window for me. Cheers! ”- Ahsan Javed on Aug 13, 2012.